"Winter on the Beach"
watercolor on Arches 300 lb. paper
22" x 30"

This is one of my favorite paintings. Again I had to borrow a little girl of a friend.
This is Winter
as she visited a beach in Texas.

The reason I am especially proud of this painting is because all the elements that I try to
capture in a painting come together successfully in this one. The composition is carefully
arranged to move the viewer around and through the painting. Bright sunlight falls on the little
redhead and reflects off the sand to illuminate the shadow areas with many interesting colors.
I caught the feel of the wet hair and hot sun as she plays, unaware that anyone is observing her.
Her pose is full of action and would be very uncomfortable to an adult yet it is perfectly comfortable
to a child. The background is interesting with the movement of the waves and the people playing
in the surf
and the reflections in the wet sand, yet does not distract from Winter at play.

-Gretchen Claybrook